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The tape is used for sizing joints of drywall sheets, chipboard, fiberboard and other sheet materials, as well as for lining up corners during renovation works.

Code: 78211, 78209

The main advantages of the product:

  • Obtaining a smooth and homogeneous surface what helps to prevent cracks.
  • While using a perforated tape, there is no problem of bubbles forming under the surface of the paper tape, what makes the work easier.
  • High hygroscopicity of the tape allows the putty to penetrate in the joint of the drywall sheets, for a more reliable surface adhesion.
  • The marking line on the paper allows you to apply the tape evenly and accurately to the surface.

Composition: a strip of paper with a perforation and a marking line (creasing).

Expiration date: unlimited

Individual packaging: shrink film, color informative label

Standard size: 50mm х 50m (code 78211), 50 mm х150m (code 78209)


Code 78211 – 25 pcs.

Code 78209 – 12 pcs.

Size of the box: 455mm х 323mm х 230mm

Volume of the box:  0,030 sm³

Bar code on the IP:

Code 78211 - 4640012887501

Code 78209 - 4640012887495      

Bar code on the box:

Code 78211- 14640012887508

Code 78209 - 14640012887492