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New products

Universal moment super-glue

The moment glue based on ethyl cyanoacrylate was developed to achieve a strong connection between well-touching smooth surfaces of the materials in different combinations: leather, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, rubber, porcelain, cork, cardboard, etc.

Universal superglue gel

Superglue gel UNIBOB provides instant bonding of products made of different types of materials (rubber, wood, plastic, ceramics, metal, porcelain, cardboard, etc.), excluding glue spreading. The Superglue gel has a thicker consistency due to specially added thickeners. It is possible to adjust the bonding surface for 10-15 seconds. Apply a thin layer on one of the surfaces.

Waterproof Shoe Contact Glue

The shoe glue Unibob is specially developed for bonding shoe materials in various combinations: leather, leatherette, rubber, fabric, felt, wood, plastic, etc.

Epoxy glue

Epoxy glue Unibob is a two-component glue consisting of resin and curing agent, which mixing form an exceptionally strong connection with good physical and mechanical characteristics. It can be used for trucks, buses, car hoods, luggage doors, grilles, roof, cab, bumper, perimeter, both inside and outside the body;

Protective fleece for painting works

Fleece is a protective material consisting of fiber and a protective polyethylene film. The product is designed to protect various surfaces and floors during painting works, it has anti-skid property, due to the fleecy surface, and prevent leakage of paints and other liquids, due to the polyethylene film.

Angle protection tape (metallized)

It’s recommended for finishing works with the use of drywall sheets. It reliably protects the outer corners from chipping and deformation. It strengthens the joints between drywall sheets, prevents cracks.

Luggage stretch film UNIBOB

The Luggage stretch film is necessary in order to: • keep a suitcase clean, • strengthen protection against unauthorized entry, • protect a suitcase from involuntary opening if it is tightly packed with stuff and the zipper does not seem reliable.

Fiberglass front mesh

Fiberglass mesh is developed for facade (exterior) work, reinforces the surface during plastering works, protects the surface from cracking.


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