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Masking tape for plastering works

The tape is used to protect the surface from dirt and damage during plastering and decorative works. It’s resistant to chemical and decorative materials. It opens manually and is easy to use. Apply the tape to the surface without stretching for reliable adhesion. The tape is suitable for all types of surfaces.

Masking tape for delicate surfaces

Weak adhesive tape is used on freshly painted and paper surfaces.

Masking tape for windows

It’s developed to protect the windows while carrying out painting work on its frames.

Drywall joint tape (perforated)

The tape is used for sizing joints of drywall sheets, chipboard, fiberboard and other sheet materials, as well as for lining up corners during renovation works.

Protective fleece for painting works

Fleece is a protective material consisting of fiber and a protective polyethylene film. The product is designed to protect various surfaces and floors during painting works, it has anti-skid property, due to the fleecy surface, and prevent leakage of paints and other liquids, due to the polyethylene film.

Metallized adhesive tape for bonding all types of substrates

The adhesive tape is used for bonding hydro vapor barrier films, during the installation of self-leveling floors, including heated ones. It is used for sealing connecting seams of ducts, pipes, installation of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems. It’s suitable for repairing and restoring decorative elements made of aluminum.

Tape edge damping compensation

Damping tape (edge compensation) is developed to create a separating damping layer between the floor and the wall and serves to exclude the pressure of the screed on the walls. It helps to avoid cracks on the screed because of expansion during temperature changes.

Clothing cases UNIBOB

The clothing cases are designed for storing things, including seasonal items. It helps to protect clothing from dust, moisture, pet hair, and damage associated with transportation and storage of clothing. They keep clothes clean and tidy. It allows to perfectly protect products from premature aging, providing an ideal exterior for many years.

Disposable apron UNIBOB

The disposable aprons are intended for use in production facilities, in the food industry and public catering enterprises, in the food trade for implementation of the sanitary and hygienic standards for the protection of products and industrial clothing in the working process. They can also be used for household and garden work.