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Universal contact glue

The universal contact glue is a one-component polymer of the synthetic acrylic acid resin, which has high viscosity, colorless and elastic after drying.

Universal moment super-glue

The moment glue based on ethyl cyanoacrylate was developed to achieve a strong connection between well-touching smooth surfaces of the materials in different combinations: leather, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, rubber, porcelain, cork, cardboard, etc.

Universal superglue gel

Superglue gel UNIBOB provides instant bonding of products made of different types of materials (rubber, wood, plastic, ceramics, metal, porcelain, cardboard, etc.), excluding glue spreading. The Superglue gel has a thicker consistency due to specially added thickeners. It is possible to adjust the bonding surface for 10-15 seconds. Apply a thin layer on one of the surfaces.

Epoxy glue

Epoxy glue Unibob is a two-component glue consisting of resin and curing agent, which mixing form an exceptionally strong connection with good physical and mechanical characteristics. It can be used for trucks, buses, car hoods, luggage doors, grilles, roof, cab, bumper, perimeter, both inside and outside the body;

Masking tape for delicate surfaces

Weak adhesive tape is used on freshly painted and paper surfaces.

Masking tape for windows

It’s developed to protect the windows while carrying out painting work on its frames.

Drywall joint tape (perforated)

The tape is used for sizing joints of drywall sheets, chipboard, fiberboard and other sheet materials, as well as for lining up corners during renovation works.

Protective fleece for painting works

Fleece is a protective material consisting of fiber and a protective polyethylene film. The product is designed to protect various surfaces and floors during painting works, it has anti-skid property, due to the fleecy surface, and prevent leakage of paints and other liquids, due to the polyethylene film.

Angle protection tape (metallized)

It’s recommended for finishing works with the use of drywall sheets. It reliably protects the outer corners from chipping and deformation. It strengthens the joints between drywall sheets, prevents cracks.

Metallized adhesive tape for bonding all types of substrates

The adhesive tape is used for bonding hydro vapor barrier films, during the installation of self-leveling floors, including heated ones. It is used for sealing connecting seams of ducts, pipes, installation of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems. It’s suitable for repairing and restoring decorative elements made of aluminum.

Tape edge damping compensation

Damping tape (edge compensation) is developed to create a separating damping layer between the floor and the wall and serves to exclude the pressure of the screed on the walls. It helps to avoid cracks on the screed because of expansion during temperature changes.

Mounting double sided crystal clear adhesive tape

It is used for installation of translucent constructions, stained-glass windows, mosaics, furniture decor, installation of led strips, garlands, name plates, emblems. It’s an ideal replacement for mechanical anchorage where almost invisible installation is required, for example for glass, mirrors, windows. The tape is elastic, strong, suitable for heterogeneous materials, resistant to shock and vibration loads, atmospheric factors and chemical agents.

Dispenser for mesh tape

This device is irreplaceable during construction and finishing works. It's equipped with a reclining corner roller that allows to apply the tape not only on a flat surface, but also to process the internal corners if it's necessary.

Latex gloves with dusting

It's developed for isolation of hands during household works. The gloves fit hands comfortably and effectively protect hands from damage.

Standard latex gloves

It's developed for isolation of hands during household works. The gloves fit hands comfortably and effectively protect hands from damage.

Zippered door curtain

Protection of premises from dirt and dust during repairs. Fast and easy to attach to a doorway up to 90 cm wide using paint tape.

Fiberglass front mesh

Fiberglass mesh is developed for facade (exterior) work, reinforces the surface during plastering works, protects the surface from cracking.

Unibob self-adhesive kitchen stencils (K series)

Self-adhesive stencils are used for decorating surfaces such as walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, etc.

UNIBOB Self-adhesive stencils for children (D series)

Self-adhesive stencils are used for decorating surfaces such as walls, ceilings, doors, furniture, etc.

Professional duct tape

Professional electrical insulation tape with a thickness of 200 microns with high elasticity and a strong adhesive layer is developed for electrical installation and electrical insulation works.


Textile-based insulating rubber tape is used for electric installation and insulation work.


Reinforced decorative material used for finishing of walls and ceilings. Masks cracks and small warps of surfaces.


Has a wide range of use for works inside the room. Used for vertical hanging of materials made of plastic, metal, glass and carton.


Designed for sealing of outdoor seams during assembly of windows and doors. Securely noise, dust, moisture - proof, completely fills all warps and bores.


Used for acoustic isolation of plaster-board constructions. Because of its main features: thickness, softness and elasticity, sealant decreases acoustic conductivity within construction wall-profile-plaster-board.


Bags can hold heavy loads, provided by the European quality standards for polyethylene. Drawstrings are handy in use, provide complete fixing of bags top corners, which prevents littering of garbage or other contained materials in bag.


Securely protect hands against oil and mud, bad odor during work with products and chemical irritant agents. Each glove fits to left, and to rigth hand.


High absorption May be used in dry or wet condition


Designed for marking of equipment, marking of floor, stairs and marking of dangerous areas.


Used for marking of car, clothing or construction details that are necessary to be visible in night time.


Designed for a rapid and multistage assembly/disassemblyof various elements on metal surfaces.

Self sticking electrical tape

It is recommended to be used during electrical works.

Self adhesive holders for wire and garlands with the system of traceless deletion.

The holders are intended for laying the cables on walls or for lighting cables and garlands installation.

Self adhesive hook for pictures with the system of traceless deletion

The hooks are used to mount items on vertical surfaces of wood, ceramic tiles, non-vinyl wallpaper, plastered walls.

Glass cloth netting for plastering works

It is used during the painting and plastering for surfaces reinforcement.

Glass cloth netting for painting works

It is used during the painting and plastering for surfaces reinforcement.

Household nitrile gloves

Universal nitrile gloves of premium class provide a high level of comfort and protection.

Self adhesive felt pads for furniture

The set is intended for the protection of flooring from damage and scratches with furniture legs. Pads can be applied both in the office and at home.

Professional spraying cleaner. Multi-foam

Sprayis intended for a cleaning of wide range of surfaces from various contaminants of oil and fat and petroleum nature, from lubricants, adhesives, liquid lubricant-coolants, smoke, soot and dirt.

Paint adhesive tape for indoor works

It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during indoor painting and plastering. It provides an ideally clear line at painting.

Electrical insulating adhesive tapes

The tape is recommended for electrical insulation and corrosion protection of wires connections. It is convenient for the marking of electrical phases and decorative protective coating.

Covering film with masking tape

It is used to protect furniture, interior items and various surfaces from contaminants during repairs and relocation.

Covering film

It is used to protect various types of surfaces from external contamination during repair, and other types of work.

Flashing tape

The flashing tapes are used for temporary fencing of areas during repair, construction, rescue works, as well as at road accidents places.

Mesh tape

Glass cloth tape with an adhesive layer is intended for gluing and grouting of seams of various sheet construction materials and surfaces.

Professional reinforced super-tape

Adhesive tape with a reinforcing polyester mesh. Due to increased strength and intensive adhesion, this tape has hundreds of applications in living and industrial conditions.


Designed for sealing of joints with a parallel and cone thread

Set of electrical insulating tapes

The tape is recommended for electrical insulation and corrosion protection of wires connections.

Mounting bilateral adhesive tape for interior applications

Foam-based adhesive tape has a wide range of applications for works inside the buildings. The tape is perfect for vertical mounting of items of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and for temporary fixation of mirrors and glass.

Garbage bags

Universal garbage bags of high strength. Such bags can be used for the storage and the disposal of food waste and garbage

Metallized adhesive tape (PP)

Metallic adhesive tape with an aluminium coating is applied to various types of construction and repair works.

Paint adhesive tape for outdoor works

It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during outdoor painting and plastering

Masking adhesive tape for curved surfaces

The tape is used to protect individual segments or areas for indoor and/or outdoor painting and plastering work on curved surfaces.

Corner forming tape

This tape is recommended as a tape for gluing the joints of gypsum plasterboard, particleboard, fiberboard sheets, as well as sheets of other materials .

Tape for PVC pipes

The tape is irreplaceable for the rapid repair of small damaged areas of pipes and for sealing of endangered areas of joints and structures in wide temperature range.

Protective coverall

Designed for the protect of clothing during painting, coating and other finishing and construction works.

Duct tape of universal application

TM UNIBOB® duct tape has a stable high quality, wide colour range and optimum performance characteristics for use in industrial and living condition.

Masking duct tape

It is used to fix pieces of furniture (drawers, doors) or packaging material.

Universal clasp

Self adhesive Velcro tape is intended to mount individual light items, removable parts and interior items on different surfaces.

Bilateral fabric-based adhesive tape

A bilateral fabric based adhesive tape is a tape with an adhesive layer on both surfaces.

Double-sided polypropylene adhesive tap

The tape allows to stick marking pointers to corrugated boxes (shipping address, clarifying descriptions) without glue.

Bilateral adhesive tape for laying carpeting on heated floors

Designed for fixing carpets and flooring on heated surfaces or heavy duty surfaces (stairs, lobby, veranda, living room).

Bilateral adhesive tape for laying the carpets on delicate surfaces

The tape is intended for fixing carpets and flooring to easily damaged surfaces.

Bilateral adhesive tape for mirrors fixaion

The tapes are recommended to be used for vertical mounting of mirrors, glass, as well as various accessories and components for construction and repair works.

Bilateral strips with a system of traceless deletion

Self adhesive strips have a wide range of applications for work indoors.

Gaiters (Shoe covers)

They are used to maintain cleanliness and compliance with health standards in medical, preschool, educational and other institutions.

Aluminum adhesive tape

Aluminium adhesive tapes are used for the repair, installation and thermo-insulation works.