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Wrapping craft-paper

Used in the move for packaging heavy and fragile items.

Dispenser for stretch-film

Dispenser for stretch-film is used to ease manual packing of the items in stretch film.


Bags can hold heavy loads, provided by the European quality standards for polyethylene. Drawstrings are handy in use, provide complete fixing of bags top corners, which prevents littering of garbage or other contained materials in bag.


Gloves securely prevent hands from getting dirty, from mechanical damage by sharp edges, armored metal, glass etc.


High absorption May be used in dry or wet condition

Garbage bags

Universal garbage bags of high strength. Such bags can be used for the storage and the disposal of food waste and garbage

Duct tape of universal application

TM UNIBOB® duct tape has a stable high quality, wide colour range and optimum performance characteristics for use in industrial and living condition.

Adhesive tape with ADDRESS PACKING print

Tapes with such inscriptions as ‘bath’, ‘bedroom’, kitchen’ allow to organize the moving to a new place according to European standards and to mark corrugated boxes according to the destination rooms.

WARNING INSCRIPTIONS Marking duct tape marking

Duct tape and with ‘be careful glass’, ‘delicate’, ‘handle with care’ warning inscriptions.


Allows to produce quickly and easily various types of sealing packaging.

Corrugated Boxes

Allow you to store, stack and transport various items. They are used for transport packaging of small items - dishes, chancellery, tools while moving to a new place moving.

Air bubble film

It is a film for temporary packaging and protection of appliances and fragile items from mechanical damage during transportation.