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Waterproof Shoe Contact Glue
Epoxy adhesive
Tape edge damping compensation
Mounting double sided crystal clear adhesive tape
INSULATING DUCT TAPES Textile-based insulating rubber tape is used for electric installation and insulation work.
SIGNAL TAPE Used for site bordering during repairs, construction, rescue works.
GLASS MAT Reinforced decorative material used for finishing of walls and ceilings. Masks cracks and small warps of surfaces.
DOUBLE-SIDE DUCT TAPE FOR OUTDOOR WORK Has a wide range of use for works inside the room. Used for vertical hanging of materials made of plastic, metal, glass and carton.
DOUBLE-SIDE DUCT TAPE FOR INDOOR WORK Provides quick and secure vertical fixation. Designed for fixing of plastic surfaces, glass, metal and carton,
PCST - PRECOMPRESSED SEALING TAPES Designed for sealing of outdoor seams during assembly of windows and doors. Securely noise, dust, moisture - proof, completely fills all warps and bores.
DOUBLE-SIDE DUCT TAPE FOR FIXATION OFMATERIALS MADE OF PAPER AND FILM Allows to fix papers of documents, securely seal envelope, pack and decorate gift, make an application.
DUCT TAG Allows to make accurate writings on any surface, such as: plants, jars with homemade products, key-rings, book covers and so on.
REPAIR BAND Used for a quick repair, sealing of valuable parcels and packages, restoration of book bounds.
SELF-ADHESIVE CAP PROTECTORS FOR FURNITURE Protect floor surfaces from wear and scratches. Because of its cap-base of protectors, prevent breakdown and damage of floor coverings.
SEALING TAPES FOR PLASTER-BOARD Used for acoustic isolation of plaster-board constructions. Because of its main features: thickness, softness and elasticity, sealant decreases acoustic conductivity within construction wall-profile-plaster-board.
BAGS WITH DRAWSTRINGS Bags can hold heavy loads, provided by the European quality standards for polyethylene. Drawstrings are handy in use, provide complete fixing of bags top corners, which prevents littering of garbage or other contained materials in bag.
ANTISLIP GLOVES Gloves securely prevent hands from getting dirty, from mechanical damage by sharp edges, armored metal, glass etc.
SELF-ADHESIVE CHROME HOOK Designed for hanging of items on vertical surfaces made of wood, tile, no-vinyl wallpapers, plastered walls.
TRANSPARENT ANTISLIP DUCT TAPE Used for agglutination of working edge of stairs, which are subject to environmental impact (rain, snow), and in areas with humid condition for slip prevention.
RAINCOAT (ON BUTTONS) Used for protection from rain, made of strong polyethylene, light and needs only small storage space.
DECORATIVE SILK DUCT TAPE Designed for design and handcrafting
DECORATIVE DUCT TAPE Designed for registering, designer works, design of gifts, post cards, scrap-booking.
DECORATIVE HOLOGRAPHIC DUCT TAPE The best idea for decoration and design of gifts, post cards and scrap booking.
DECORATIVE PAPER DUCT TAPE Designed for registering, designer works, design of gifts, post cards, scrap-booking.
FURNITURE SLIDERS Multistage sliders are designed for moving of heavy items and furniture. Provide slipping without any force and an absolute protection of floor surface against damage. Prevent displacement and deformation of floor coverings, protect delicate surface against scratches (parquet, laminated flooring).
TIRE BAGS Tire bags are made of strong polyethylene and used for transportation and storage of extra-tires.
SINGLE-USE GLOVES Securely protect hands against oil and mud, bad odor during work with products and chemical irritant agents. Each glove fits to left, and to rigth hand.
COVERING MATERIAL FOR PLANTS Effective protection of plants from average freezing, drought, active sunshine, day and night temperature fall, parasites and weed.
UNIVERSAL TOWELS High absorption May be used in dry or wet condition
MARKING DUCT TAPE Designed for marking of equipment, marking of floor, stairs and marking of dangerous areas.
INVISIBLE DUCT TAPE Matte (invisible after agglutination) duct tape ideally fits for agglutination of documents, monetary, papers.
DISPENSER OF OFFICE DUCT TAPE Dispenser especially designed for office duct tape with width of up to 19 mm. Helps to ease the process of use of duct tapes in office and at home.
LUMINESCENT DUCT TAPE Used for marking of car, clothing or construction details that are necessary to be visible in night time.
MAGNET DUCT TAPE Designed for a rapid and multistage assembly/disassemblyof various elements on metal surfaces.
Mosquito net for doorways Mosquito net-curtain, with magnet locks, ensure safe protection from all types of insects.
Self sticking electrical tape It is recommended to be used during electrical works.
Self adhesive holders for wire and garlands with the system of traceless deletion. The holders are intended for laying the cables on walls or for lighting cables and garlands installation.
Raincoat poncho with a hood A raincoat is a reliable protection from bad weather; it is an ideal solution for corporate events in nature, hiking in the woods, fishing.
Self adhesive hook for pictures with the system of traceless deletion The hooks are used to mount items on vertical surfaces of wood, ceramic tiles, non-vinyl wallpaper, plastered walls.
Glass cloth netting for plastering works It is used during the painting and plastering for surfaces reinforcement.
Glass cloth netting for painting works It is used during the painting and plastering for surfaces reinforcement.
Household nitrile gloves Universal nitrile gloves of premium class provide a high level of comfort and protection.
Plastic vases Handy and modern alternative to regular vases. In stowed position required space is not greater than a paper sheet. When filled with water get strong form, after which you can place flowers in it. 4 design options in set.
Self adhesive felt pads for furniture The set is intended for the protection of flooring from damage and scratches with furniture legs. Pads can be applied both in the office and at home.
Self adhesive hooks with the system of traceless deletion The hooks are used to mount items on vertical surfaces of wood, ceramic tiles, non-vinyl wallpaper, plastered walls.
Invisible adhesive tape for auto repair works The tape intended for fast repair of parts, which are made of glass and plastic.
Professional spraying cleaner. Multi-foam Sprayis intended for a cleaning of wide range of surfaces from various contaminants of oil and fat and petroleum nature, from lubricants, adhesives, liquid lubricant-coolants, smoke, soot and dirt.
Metallized adhesive tape for auto repair works The tape is used for rapid minor repairs (restorations) of chips and cracks on chrome car parts
Narrow curbing tape Curbing tape, plastic applicator. This tape is recommended as a tape for sealing and decoration of the joints between a wall and a bathtub, a sink or a tabletop, internal corners between walls.
Curbing figural tape (with corners) Curbing tape (divided into three longitudinal sectors; an adhesive layer is applied to the two side sectors, the middle sector is without an adhesive layer), has 2 plastic decorative brackets, 2 plastic plugs.
Multifunctional tent Tent of increased strength is to be used as a protective coating during the facade, finishing, roofing and other works.
Paint adhesive tape for indoor works It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during indoor painting and plastering. It provides an ideally clear line at painting.
Self adhesive seals They are recommended for sealing the gaps of doors and windows frames.
Self adhesive seals, based on PVC The seal has D, E, P profiles. It is used to seal gaps in doorways and window frames.
Protective set for car interior Comfortable andversatile set is suitable for all types of vehicles, provides ideal protection of car interior during carservice work.
Electrical insulating adhesive tapes The tape is recommended for electrical insulation and corrosion protection of wires connections. It is convenient for the marking of electrical phases and decorative protective coating.
Covering film with masking tape It is used to protect furniture, interior items and various surfaces from contaminants during repairs and relocation.
Covering film It is used to protect various types of surfaces from external contamination during repair, and other types of work.
Stretch film The film is indispensable in everyday life when you move or repair.It is used for packing of furniture, office and household appliances, small interior items.
Flashing tape The flashing tapes are used for temporary fencing of areas during repair, construction, rescue works, as well as at road accidents places.
Serpyanka Glass cloth tape with an adhesive layer is intended for gluing and grouting of seams of various sheet construction materials and surfaces.
Sealing tape for windows sealing Eco-friendly tape has high heat and sound insulating properties; it protects the premise from cold air and dust penetration.
Self adhesive curbing tape It is used in household conditions for the sealing of joints and seams between the sinks, baths, tabletops and walls.
Professional reinforced super-tape Adhesive tape with a reinforcing polyester mesh. Due to increased strength and intensive adhesion, this tape has hundreds of applications in living and industrial conditions.
Knitted gloves with PVC coating The gloves have dotted PVC spraying and UNIBOB® logo on the side of the palm.
SEALING STRING FOR THREAD JOINTS Designed for sealing of joints with a parallel and cone thread
Invisible adhesive tape for glass and plastic repairing The tape is intended for fast and efficient repair (splicing) of glass surfaces, film or plastic.
Set of electrical insulating tapes The tape is recommended for electrical insulation and corrosion protection of wires connections.
Mosquito net Polyester small-cell net with a belt for the fixation. It is intended to protect the premises from insects.
Mounting bilateral adhesive tape for outdoor applications It is a foam based adhesive tape for outdoor works of “FIRST AID” class; it provides a secure invisible mounting of various surfaces.
Mounting bilateral adhesive tape for interior applications Foam-based adhesive tape has a wide range of applications for works inside the buildings. The tape is perfect for vertical mounting of items of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and for temporary fixation of mirrors and glass.
Garbage bags Universal garbage bags of high strength. Such bags can be used for the storage and the disposal of food waste and garbage
Metallized adhesive tape (PP) Metallic adhesive tape with an aluminium coating is applied to various types of construction and repair works.
Paint adhesive tape for outdoor works It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during outdoor painting and plastering
Masking adhesive tape for curved surfaces The tape is used to protect individual segments or areas for indoor and/or outdoor painting and plastering work on curved surfaces.
Corner forming tape This tape is recommended as a tape for gluing the joints of gypsum plasterboard, particleboard, fiberboard sheets, as well as sheets of other materials .
Corner guarding tape It is recommended for finishing works with gypsum boards. Protects the outside corners from spalls and deformation.
Tape for PVC pipes The tape is irreplaceable for the rapid repair of small damaged areas of pipes and for sealing of endangered areas of joints and structures in wide temperature range.
The tape is intended for windows sealing. The tape is intended for windows sealing. It provides secure protection of the premises from the penetration of cold air.
Protective coverall Designed for the protect of clothing during painting, coating and other finishing and construction works.
Machine adhesive tapes Tapes of 990 meters are used for automated packaging of products with corrugated boxes sealers.
Adhesive tapes for marking and design Wide range of colours is suitable for the labelling of working folders, books covers, bottles of medicine, creative works performance, envelopes sealing, gifts designing.
Duct tape of universal application TM UNIBOB® duct tape has a stable high quality, wide colour range and optimum performance characteristics for use in industrial and living condition.
Adhesive tape with ADDRESS PACKING print Tapes with such inscriptions as ‘bath’, ‘bedroom’, kitchen’ allow to organize the moving to a new place according to European standards and to mark corrugated boxes according to the destination rooms.
Adhesive tape with printing (logotype) The tape is intended for discount, congratulatory and gift events performance, as well as celebratory packaging design.
Non-slip adhesive tape These types of tapes are used for the arrangement of residential, office and industrial space, for the taping of steps working edges, affected by environmental influences (rain, snow).
Masking duct tape It is used to fix pieces of furniture (drawers, doors) or packaging material.
WARNING INSCRIPTIONS Marking duct tape marking Duct tape and with ‘be careful glass’, ‘delicate’, ‘handle with care’ warning inscriptions.
Office crystal-transparent adhesive tapes The tape is specially designed for office use. Polymer basis provides exceptional transparency and high strength
Office adhesive tapes The tape is specially designed for office use. It has high transparency and strength. The tape is widely used for household and office needs.
Universal clasp Self adhesive Velcro tape is intended to mount individual light items, removable parts and interior items on different surfaces.
Dispenser Allows to produce quickly and easily various types of sealing packaging.
Bilateral tape for car repair works These tapes are intended for a wide range of auto repair works, such as fixation of moldings, mirrors, plastic profiles, name plates, emblems and so on.
Bilateral fabric-based adhesive tape A bilateral fabric based adhesive tape is a tape with an adhesive layer on both surfaces.
Double-sided polypropylene adhesive tap The tape allows to stick marking pointers to corrugated boxes (shipping address, clarifying descriptions) without glue.
Bilateral adhesive tape for laying carpeting on heated floors Designed for fixing carpets and flooring on heated surfaces or heavy duty surfaces (stairs, lobby, veranda, living room).
Bilateral adhesive tape for laying the carpets on delicate surfaces The tape is intended for fixing carpets and flooring to easily damaged surfaces.
Bilateral adhesive tape for mirrors fixaion The tapes are recommended to be used for vertical mounting of mirrors, glass, as well as various accessories and components for construction and repair works.
Bilateral strips with a system of traceless deletion Self adhesive strips have a wide range of applications for work indoors.
Corrugated Boxes Allow you to store, stack and transport various items. They are used for transport packaging of small items - dishes, chancellery, tools while moving to a new place moving.
Air bubble film It is a film for temporary packaging and protection of appliances and fragile items from mechanical damage during transportation.
Gaiters (Shoe covers) They are used to maintain cleanliness and compliance with health standards in medical, preschool, educational and other institutions.
Reinforced adhesive tapes for household needs Universal adhesive tapes made of cotton fabric, laminated with polyethylene.
Reinforced tape with fiberglass Adhesive tapes, reinforced with fiberglass, are used for the connection elements, carrying an increased load.It is easy to fix items to packs, secure packaging with such tapes
Reinforced adhesive tape, based on cotton fabric Universal adhesive tape made of cotton fabric, laminated with polyethylene, is used for ventilation tubes sealing, repairing of such surfaces as car seats, rubber hoses, building fences, covering films.
Self-adhesive buffers (dampers) Made of highly-elastic polyurethane. Prevent sliding of objects on the surface. Cushion impacts, absorb sound, used as stands for glass or plastic objects, simple use.
Aluminum tape for car repair works It is used to seal the holes in the muffler, as well as to restore chips and cracks on the chrome surface of a car.
Aluminum adhesive tape Aluminium adhesive tapes are used for the repair, installation and thermo-insulation works.