Products catalogue by application и by item

Curbing figural tape (with corners) Curbing tape (divided into three longitudinal sectors; an adhesive layer is applied to the two side sectors, the middle sector is without an adhesive layer), has 2 plastic decorative brackets, 2 plastic plugs.
Multifunctional tent Tent of increased strength is to be used as a protective coating during the facade, finishing, roofing and other works.
Paint adhesive tape for indoor works It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during indoor painting and plastering. It provides an ideally clear line at painting.
Self adhesive seals They are recommended for sealing the gaps of doors and windows frames.
Self adhesive seals, based on PVC The seal has D, E, P profiles. It is used to seal gaps in doorways and window frames.
Protective set for car interior Comfortable andversatile set is suitable for all types of vehicles, provides ideal protection of car interior during carservice work.
Electrical insulating adhesive tapes The tape is recommended for electrical insulation and corrosion protection of wires connections. It is convenient for the marking of electrical phases and decorative protective coating.
Covering film with masking tape It is used to protect furniture, interior items and various surfaces from contaminants during repairs and relocation.
Covering film It is used to protect various types of surfaces from external contamination during repair, and other types of work.
Stretch film The film is indispensable in everyday life when you move or repair.It is used for packing of furniture, office and household appliances, small interior items.