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PCST - PRECOMPRESSED SEALING TAPES Designed for sealing of outdoor seams during assembly of windows and doors. Securely noise, dust, moisture - proof, completely fills all warps and bores.
DOUBLE-SIDE DUCT TAPE FOR FIXATION OFMATERIALS MADE OF PAPER AND FILM Allows to fix papers of documents, securely seal envelope, pack and decorate gift, make an application.
DUCT TAG Allows to make accurate writings on any surface, such as: plants, jars with homemade products, key-rings, book covers and so on.
REPAIR BAND Used for a quick repair, sealing of valuable parcels and packages, restoration of book bounds.
SELF-ADHESIVE CAP PROTECTORS FOR FURNITURE Protect floor surfaces from wear and scratches. Because of its cap-base of protectors, prevent breakdown and damage of floor coverings.
SEALING TAPES FOR PLASTER-BOARD Used for acoustic isolation of plaster-board constructions. Because of its main features: thickness, softness and elasticity, sealant decreases acoustic conductivity within construction wall-profile-plaster-board.
BAGS WITH DRAWSTRINGS Bags can hold heavy loads, provided by the European quality standards for polyethylene. Drawstrings are handy in use, provide complete fixing of bags top corners, which prevents littering of garbage or other contained materials in bag.
ANTISLIP GLOVES Gloves securely prevent hands from getting dirty, from mechanical damage by sharp edges, armored metal, glass etc.
SELF-ADHESIVE CHROME HOOK Designed for hanging of items on vertical surfaces made of wood, tile, no-vinyl wallpapers, plastered walls.
TRANSPARENT ANTISLIP DUCT TAPE Used for agglutination of working edge of stairs, which are subject to environmental impact (rain, snow), and in areas with humid condition for slip prevention.