Products catalogue by application и by item

Corrugated Boxes Allow you to store, stack and transport various items. They are used for transport packaging of small items - dishes, chancellery, tools while moving to a new place moving.
Air bubble film It is a film for temporary packaging and protection of appliances and fragile items from mechanical damage during transportation.
Gaiters (Shoe covers) They are used to maintain cleanliness and compliance with health standards in medical, preschool, educational and other institutions.
Reinforced adhesive tapes for household needs Universal adhesive tapes made of cotton fabric, laminated with polyethylene.
Reinforced tape with fiberglass Adhesive tapes, reinforced with fiberglass, are used for the connection elements, carrying an increased load.It is easy to fix items to packs, secure packaging with such tapes
Reinforced adhesive tape, based on cotton fabric Universal adhesive tape made of cotton fabric, laminated with polyethylene, is used for ventilation tubes sealing, repairing of such surfaces as car seats, rubber hoses, building fences, covering films.
Self-adhesive buffers (dampers) Made of highly-elastic polyurethane. Prevent sliding of objects on the surface. Cushion impacts, absorb sound, used as stands for glass or plastic objects, simple use.
Aluminum tape for car repair works It is used to seal the holes in the muffler, as well as to restore chips and cracks on the chrome surface of a car.
Aluminum adhesive tape Aluminium adhesive tapes are used for the repair, installation and thermo-insulation works.