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Office adhesive tapes The tape is specially designed for office use. It has high transparency and strength. The tape is widely used for household and office needs.
Universal clasp Self adhesive Velcro tape is intended to mount individual light items, removable parts and interior items on different surfaces.
Dispenser Allows to produce quickly and easily various types of sealing packaging.
Bilateral tape for car repair works These tapes are intended for a wide range of auto repair works, such as fixation of moldings, mirrors, plastic profiles, name plates, emblems and so on.
Bilateral fabric-based adhesive tape A bilateral fabric based adhesive tape is a tape with an adhesive layer on both surfaces.
Double-sided polypropylene adhesive tap The tape allows to stick marking pointers to corrugated boxes (shipping address, clarifying descriptions) without glue.
Bilateral adhesive tape for laying carpeting on heated floors Designed for fixing carpets and flooring on heated surfaces or heavy duty surfaces (stairs, lobby, veranda, living room).
Bilateral adhesive tape for laying the carpets on delicate surfaces The tape is intended for fixing carpets and flooring to easily damaged surfaces.
Bilateral adhesive tape for mirrors fixaion The tapes are recommended to be used for vertical mounting of mirrors, glass, as well as various accessories and components for construction and repair works.
Bilateral strips with a system of traceless deletion Self adhesive strips have a wide range of applications for work indoors.