Products catalogue by application и by item

Protective coverall Designed for the protect of clothing during painting, coating and other finishing and construction works.
Machine adhesive tapes Tapes of 990 meters are used for automated packaging of products with corrugated boxes sealers.
Adhesive tapes for marking and design Wide range of colours is suitable for the labelling of working folders, books covers, bottles of medicine, creative works performance, envelopes sealing, gifts designing.
Duct tape of universal application TM UNIBOB® duct tape has a stable high quality, wide colour range and optimum performance characteristics for use in industrial and living condition.
Adhesive tape with ADDRESS PACKING print Tapes with such inscriptions as ‘bath’, ‘bedroom’, kitchen’ allow to organize the moving to a new place according to European standards and to mark corrugated boxes according to the destination rooms.
Adhesive tape with printing (logotype) The tape is intended for discount, congratulatory and gift events performance, as well as celebratory packaging design.
Non-slip adhesive tape These types of tapes are used for the arrangement of residential, office and industrial space, for the taping of steps working edges, affected by environmental influences (rain, snow).
Masking duct tape It is used to fix pieces of furniture (drawers, doors) or packaging material.
WARNING INSCRIPTIONS Marking duct tape marking Duct tape and with ‘be careful glass’, ‘delicate’, ‘handle with care’ warning inscriptions.
Office crystal-transparent adhesive tapes The tape is specially designed for office use. Polymer basis provides exceptional transparency and high strength