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Mounting bilateral adhesive tape for outdoor applications It is a foam based adhesive tape for outdoor works of “FIRST AID” class; it provides a secure invisible mounting of various surfaces.
Mounting bilateral adhesive tape for interior applications Foam-based adhesive tape has a wide range of applications for works inside the buildings. The tape is perfect for vertical mounting of items of plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and for temporary fixation of mirrors and glass.
Garbage bags Universal garbage bags of high strength. Such bags can be used for the storage and the disposal of food waste and garbage
Metallized adhesive tape (PP) Metallic adhesive tape with an aluminium coating is applied to various types of construction and repair works.
Paint adhesive tape for outdoor works It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during outdoor painting and plastering
Masking adhesive tape for curved surfaces The tape is used to protect individual segments or areas for indoor and/or outdoor painting and plastering work on curved surfaces.
Corner forming tape This tape is recommended as a tape for gluing the joints of gypsum plasterboard, particleboard, fiberboard sheets, as well as sheets of other materials .
Corner guarding tape It is recommended for finishing works with gypsum boards. Protects the outside corners from spalls and deformation.
Tape for PVC pipes The tape is irreplaceable for the rapid repair of small damaged areas of pipes and for sealing of endangered areas of joints and structures in wide temperature range.
The tape is intended for windows sealing. The tape is intended for windows sealing. It provides secure protection of the premises from the penetration of cold air.