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Paint adhesive tape for outdoor works

It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during outdoor painting and plastering

Masking adhesive tape for curved surfaces

The tape is used to protect individual segments or areas for indoor and/or outdoor painting and plastering work on curved surfaces.

Adhesive tapes for marking and design

Wide range of colours is suitable for the labelling of working folders, books covers, bottles of medicine, creative works performance, envelopes sealing, gifts designing.

Duct tape of universal application

TM UNIBOB® duct tape has a stable high quality, wide colour range and optimum performance characteristics for use in industrial and living condition.

Masking duct tape

It is used to fix pieces of furniture (drawers, doors) or packaging material.

Universal clasp

Self adhesive Velcro tape is intended to mount individual light items, removable parts and interior items on different surfaces.

Bilateral fabric-based adhesive tape

A bilateral fabric based adhesive tape is a tape with an adhesive layer on both surfaces.

Double-sided polypropylene adhesive tap

The tape allows to stick marking pointers to corrugated boxes (shipping address, clarifying descriptions) without glue.

Bilateral adhesive tape for laying carpeting on heated floors

Designed for fixing carpets and flooring on heated surfaces or heavy duty surfaces (stairs, lobby, veranda, living room).

Bilateral adhesive tape for laying the carpets on delicate surfaces

The tape is intended for fixing carpets and flooring to easily damaged surfaces.