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It is used for installation of translucent constructions, stained-glass windows, mosaics, furniture decor, installation of led strips, garlands, name plates, emblems. It’s an ideal replacement for mechanical anchorage where almost invisible installation is required, for example for glass, mirrors, windows. The tape is elastic, strong, suitable for heterogeneous materials, resistant to shock and vibration loads, atmospheric factors and chemical agents.

The main advantages of the product:

  • High transparency, it does not turn yellow over time.
  • One meter of the tape can withstand a weight of up to 4.2 kg
  • The tape does not leave traces of glue after removal
  • It’s suitable for internal and external works
  • Adhere to uneven surfaces well
  • Resistance to ultraviolet and moisture, oils, plasticizers, solvents
  • It does not destroy the surface, is resistant to compression

Technical parameters:



Adhesive layer

Foamed acrylic (viscoelastic foam)




1 mm

The temperature of the fixing

+10 оС +30оС

Operating temperature

-40оС +120 оС

Readiness to load after mounting

50% in 20 minutes, 90% in 24 hours, 100% in 72 hours.

Storage conditions:

Store in its own packaging at temperatures from +15 C0 to +26 C0 and relative humidity from 40% to 80%. The shelf life is 36 months.

The contact surface must be cleared of dust, dirt, oil and grease with the help of white spirit, acetone, alcohol prior to use. Do not allow air bubbles to form between the tape and the surface. For a more secure attachment, it is recommended to apply the tape vertically.

Individual packaging: shrink film, color informative label

Standard size: 12mm х 2m (code 75541)

Box: 60 pcs.

On a pallet: 60 boxes.

Size of the box: : 32,5х32,5х16,5 sm

Volume of the box: 0,017 sm³