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Self adhesive hooks with the system of traceless deletion

The hooks are used to mount items on vertical surfaces of wood, ceramic tiles, non-vinyl wallpaper, plastered walls.

Narrow curbing tape

Curbing tape, plastic applicator. This tape is recommended as a tape for sealing and decoration of the joints between a wall and a bathtub, a sink or a tabletop, internal corners between walls.

Curbing figural tape (with corners)

Curbing tape (divided into three longitudinal sectors; an adhesive layer is applied to the two side sectors, the middle sector is without an adhesive layer), has 2 plastic decorative brackets, 2 plastic plugs.

Multifunctional tent

Tent of increased strength is to be used as a protective coating during the facade, finishing, roofing and other works.

Paint adhesive tape for indoor works

It is used for the protection of separate segments or parts of the surface during indoor painting and plastering. It provides an ideally clear line at painting.

Sealing tape for windows sealing

Eco-friendly tape has high heat and sound insulating properties; it protects the premise from cold air and dust penetration.

Self adhesive curbing tape

It is used in household conditions for the sealing of joints and seams between the sinks, baths, tabletops and walls.

Professional reinforced super-tape

Adhesive tape with a reinforcing polyester mesh. Due to increased strength and intensive adhesion, this tape has hundreds of applications in living and industrial conditions.

Knitted gloves with PVC coating

The gloves have dotted PVC spraying and UNIBOB® logo on the side of the palm.

Invisible adhesive tape for glass and plastic repairing

The tape is intended for fast and efficient repair (splicing) of glass surfaces, film or plastic.