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Epoxy glue Unibob is a two-component glue consisting of resin and curing agent, which mixing form an exceptionally strong connection with good physical and mechanical characteristics. It can be used for trucks, buses, car hoods, luggage doors, grilles, roof, cab, bumper, perimeter, both inside and outside the body;

Widely used in automobile, motorcycle plastic panels, fuel tanks, bumpers, mirrors and industrial oil reservoirs, transformers, radiators, lamps, electrical appliances;

It can also be used for daily maintenance of various connections, such as repairing metal toys. 

The main advantages of the product:

• It glues heterogeneous materials, eliminating galvanic corrosion;

• Curing can be realized at low temperatures, most often at room temperature.

• It glues well materials that are difficult to bond, such as glass;

• Curing is carried out without applying pressure, as during it no volatile substances are released;

• The result is hermetic and chemically resistant compounds;

• The strength of the adhesive layer doesn’t depend on its thickness.

Technical parameters:

Composition: Epoxy resin and hardener based on polymer captans.

Final bonding strength: after 24 hours.

Resistance: High resistance to water, oils and solvents.

Heat resistance of the adhesive seam: from -30°C to + 85ºC

Application temperature: from + 5ºC to + 40ºC.

Storage conditions:

It should be stored in a dry, clean place away from heat sources and direct light at temperatures from +5’C to 27’C and relative humidity of 50-80%   

Individual packaging: syringe 6 gr. on a blister card 12 pcs. in the showbox; syringe 12 gr. on a blister card 12 pcs. in the showbox

Code: 79826 - Epoxy glue UNIBOB 6 gr, blister in a show box (12 pcs.);

Code: 79827 - Epoxy glue UNIBOB 12 gr., blister in a show box (12 pcs.)

Box: 72 pcs.