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Comfortable andversatile set is suitable for all types of vehicles, provides ideal protection of car interior during carservice work.The set includesfive items, preventing spoilage and contamination of a car interior.


Main advantages of the product:


  • Protects the car interior from contamination and possible damage
  • Quick installation and removal
  • Product is suitable for any type of cars
  • Shelf life is not limited.
  • Compact and lightweightpackage does not take much space in the trunk or glove compartment of the vehicle
  • Colouredinformative polypropylene packaging with colourful printing
  • Cutting for a euro-hook.


Ingredients: LDPE

Included: a chaircover (1 piece), a steering wheel cover (1 piece), a cover on manual gearbox/automatic transmission lever (1 piece), aparking brake cover (1 piece), a mat (1 piece)

Colour: white

Individual packaging: a polyethylene bag with a colourful printing.

Packing in one box: 100 pieces