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Dispenser especially designed for office duct tape with width of up to 19 mm. Helps to ease the process of use of duct tapes in office and at home.

Self adhesive holders for wire and garlands with the system of traceless deletion.

The holders are intended for laying the cables on walls or for lighting cables and garlands installation.

Self adhesive hook for pictures with the system of traceless deletion

The hooks are used to mount items on vertical surfaces of wood, ceramic tiles, non-vinyl wallpaper, plastered walls.

Garbage bags

Universal garbage bags of high strength. Such bags can be used for the storage and the disposal of food waste and garbage

Adhesive tapes for marking and design

Wide range of colours is suitable for the labelling of working folders, books covers, bottles of medicine, creative works performance, envelopes sealing, gifts designing.

Duct tape of universal application

TM UNIBOB® duct tape has a stable high quality, wide colour range and optimum performance characteristics for use in industrial and living condition.

Office crystal-transparent adhesive tapes

The tape is specially designed for office use. Polymer basis provides exceptional transparency and high strength

Office adhesive tapes

The tape is specially designed for office use. It has high transparency and strength. The tape is widely used for household and office needs.

Universal clasp

Self adhesive Velcro tape is intended to mount individual light items, removable parts and interior items on different surfaces.

Bilateral fabric-based adhesive tape

A bilateral fabric based adhesive tape is a tape with an adhesive layer on both surfaces.