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Damping tape (edge compensation) is developed to create a separating damping layer between the floor and the wall and serves to exclude the pressure of the screed on the walls. It helps to avoid cracks on the screed because of expansion during temperature changes. It is also used for sealing joints and gaps. It has moisture, sound and thermal insulation properties. It’s for prefabricated and self-leveling floors, screeds and "warm floor" systems in areas adjacent to walls and enclosing structures. It can be used for sealing and compaction of joints

The main advantages of the product:

  • Excellent thermal insulation properties reduce heat loss through joints between walls;
  • High water and sound isolation.
  • Durability and strength of the material
  • Easy mode of application
  • It is not affected by biological factors
  • Adhere to uneven surfaces well

It has an additional protection against penetration of the solution in the form of a special "skirt" that covers the pores of the tape.

Technical parameters:


Foamed polyethylene




10 mm

Length of the tape

15, 25 m



Storage conditions:

Store at a temperature of +5...+25’C and relative humidity 65±15%

Individual packaging: Color informative label.

Standard size:

100mm х 15 m (code 73016), 100mm х 25m (code 73017)

Box: code 73016 - 5 pcs.  /  code 73017 – 4 pcs.

On a pallet: code 73016 - 12 pack.  /  code 73017 – 8 pack.

Size of a group package:

Code 73016 – 50 х 50 sm  /  code 73017 – 40 х 63 sm

Volume of a package:  sm³

code 73016 – 0,0347 sm³  /  code 73017 – 0,0468 sm³