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The universal contact glue is a one-component polymer of the synthetic acrylic acid resin, which has high viscosity, colorless and elastic after drying.
The universal contact glue UNIBOB reliably glue products made of various materials: leather, plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, rubber, china, plug, paperboard;

The main advantages of the product:
* It’s the universal contact glue for home
* It glues most of the materials in any combinations
* Fills gaps well
* The glutinous stitch is lasting, elastic and waterproof
* The glutinous connection of the contact glue is resistant to aging, heat exposure and weak solutions of acids and alkalis, in contact with fats and oils

Technical parameters:
Composition: methanol, cross agent, ethanol, vinyl and acrylic copolymers, siloxanes and dimethyl-hydroxy-terminal silicones, rosin.
It doesn’t contain toluene.

Density:0,85-0,87 g/cm3

Final bonding strength: achieves after 12-24 hours. The final bonding strength depends on materials and applied pressure.
Stability: high water, dilute acids and alkalis resistance. Aging resistance. Heat resistance of the glutinous stitch: from -30’С to +80’C

Application temperature: from +5’C to +40’С

Storage conditions: It should be stored in a dry, clean place away from heat sources and direct light at temperatures from +5’C to 27’C and relative humidity of 50-80%

Individual packing: aluminum tubes of 30gr in blisters and without it, stacked in colored showboxes

Code: 79820- Universal contact glue UNIBOB 30gr, blister in the showbox (10 pcs)

Code: 79821- Universal contact glue UNIBOB 30gr, tubes in the showbox (12 pcs)

Box: 80 pcs (79820); 120 pcs (79821)