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The moment glue based on ethyl cyanoacrylate was developed to achieve a strong connection between well-touching smooth surfaces of the materials in different combinations: leather, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, rubber, porcelain, cork, cardboard, etc.

It’s ideal for vertical surfaces.

The glue doesn’t fit for bonding polypropylene, polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene (teflon), glass, glazed surfaces and silicone rubber and materials in contact with food.

It’s also unfitted for bonding very soft leather. Never apply glue for bonding dishes that will be filled with hot liquid.

The main advantages of the product:

• High reliability of the connection–often the adhesive seam is stronger than connecting materials

• Resistance to temperature and humidity;

• The ability to connect different materials in structure;

• Aesthetic invisible adhesive seams;

• High curing speed – at room temperature and for a few seconds;

• А single component that makes it easy to use;

• No requirement for special treatment of the connecting surfaces;

• The possibility of connecting slanted, vertical, porous and adsorbing surfaces;

• The vibration resistance and the strength at peeling

Technical parameters:

Composition: ethylcyanoacrylate

Exterior: Colorless transparent liquid

Viscosity: 1 ~ 10 MPa. s

Cure time: 5-60 seconds The final strength is reached in 12-24 hours.

High humidity speeds up the curing process, while low humidity slows it down.

Heat resistance of the adhesive seam: from -30°C to + 85ºC

Application temperature: from + 5ºC to + 40ºC.

Storage conditions:

It should be stored in a dry, clean place away from heat sources and direct light at temperatures from +5’C to 27’C and relative humidity of 50-80% 

Individual packaging: 

Code: 79797 -superglue in the blister (showbox), 3 gr/tube, 12 blisters in the showbox;

Code: 79802 – suoerglue card 1*12 pcs, 3gr/tube;

Box: 144 pcs. (79797); 288 pcs (79802, 79801).