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It’s recommended for finishing works with the use of drywall sheets. It reliably protects the outer corners from chipping and deformation. It strengthens the joints between drywall sheets, prevents cracks.

Code: 78205

The main advantages of the product:

  • It can be used for all types of corners, including for strengthening inner corners;
  • It allows you to save material because of winding (15) - similar products have a length of 2.5-3 m;
  • Easy to use on angular, curvilinear surfaces;
  • Metal strips have a double-sided zinc coverage that prevents corrosion
  • The glue used for bonding paper and metal does not dissolve in water;

The special paper is resistant to abrasion and moisture.

Composition: A strip of paper with two metal strips glued together

Individual packaging: The roller  is Packed in an individual box with a color informative label

Size: 50mm х 15m

Box:10 pcs

Size of the box: 455mm х 230mm х 323mm

Recommendations for the implementation:

  • Measure the required length
  • Cut off the desired size
  • Bend the tape along its entire length
  • We recommend to apply PVA glue to the tape
  • Apply putty to the work surface
  • Press the tape tightly along the entire length to the filling surface
  • with a help of a spatula press the tape tightly so that a thin layer of putty remains under it without air bubbles and let the putty dry
  • Putty the tape along the entire length on both sides
  • Peel the surface after re-drying