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Universal nitrile gloves of premium class provide a high level of comfort and protection. They are intended for the protection of hands from effects of water, edible fats and household detergents. They are perfect for cooking (cutting fish, meat; cleaning vegetables, colouring hands; canning)

Main advantages of the product:

  • Tightly wrap a hand
  • Do not reduce the sensitivity
  • Resistance to punctures and ruptures (4-5 times stronger than rubber or vinyl gloves)
  • Suitable for people with individual intolerance to latex
  • A colourful cardboard box with a cutting for euro-hooks

Composition: 100% nitrile

Standard size: universal, 5 pairs in a pack

Individual packaging: Colourful box

Storage conditions: Store at temperatures from 0 to 35 °C, away from heat and sunlight sources

Piled in a box: 50 pieces

Box dimensions: 405 х 305 х 155 mm

Box volume: 0.019 m3

Net weight: 3.25 kg